Our Philosophy

At Intersector Capital we actively develop investments for our clients that deliver both current and future return by investing in guaranteed growth industries in innovative and thoughtful ways.   Our portfolios in Data Centres, Sustainable Power, Information and Factionalised Assets and Property are all innovative and socially valuable initiatives that demonstrably deliver to immediate outcomes but also create a sustainable future both for investors and the community.

Importantly our portfolio is self-perpetuating.   Each investment supports other investments in our portfolio allowing us to gain cross investment benefits in aggregate which ultimately de-risks outcomes for all of our clients.

Additionally, we have the right skills, right people, right culture and right passion.    All necessary for future sustainability. If you are interested owning your part of the future, then Intersector Capital is your next discussion

About Us

Investing in the Future

Intersector Capital is an Australian Investment Fund based in Melbourne and Darwin.   Established by a mix of technology, financial and management expertise, our business is about future sustainability